Radio Technology in today’s world

Hi, for many of you youth out there, you may wonder: ‘Is radio even a significant thing now? It’s soooo old-school! My family does not even own a radio receiver anymore!’

If you think so, perhaps you might want to consider. Technology has advanced, with no doubt, but radio technology is getting more advanced as well. You may not even know you own a radio, do you? 😉

According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, radio is defined as ‘A system or process that is used for sending and receiving signals through the air without using wires’.

So, based on this definition, do you change your mind about the use of radio technology? If not, here are a few examples for you to consider.

For most of you, you may be reading this article of mine on a smartphone, or a computer connected to a wireless network. So, if you do not use wires to connect to the world wide web, so how could you be reading the article? Simple, by definition, your ‘3G/4G’ phones or ‘WiFi’ computers are radios, connected to a network of other radio equipment, sending and receiving data using radio signals.

In Singapore, and probably many other places in the world, payment services exist that use cashless payment. Of course, debit or credit cards use magnetic strips to store data, but what about certain other services like the tap and go tickets used in public transportation, such as payment for a train ride? They make use of radio signals to modify the data stored in the card, such as deducting the overall value ‘stored’ in the card. This is again, another use of radio technology in everyday life.

Hungry? Thinking of ordering a pizza over the phone? The fact is, your cell phone is a small radio transmitter and receiver, sending your voice over the air and receiving the voice of the operator over at the other end.

“I get it, I get it”, you say. My point is, that radio communication is used in so many applications that it becomes inseparable from everyday life. Now you know better than the people who say that radio communications and technology is outdated, and ‘old-school’.

So, now that you know that such technology is still in use, and is becoming more widespread than ever, why not learn a little bit about it? Why not try and build even a simple radio receiver? I am not trying to ask everyone to become radio engineers, or even radio amateurs (though the more the merrier! :P), but why not learn something about it, and appreciate it for what it is?

Again, thanks for taking your time to read my article 😀

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