Setting up a fish pole antenna

Hi there, well, last Thursday, I was with Mr Frankie and Mr Jeff at Mr Jeff’s workplace, and we set up a double bazooka antenna, using a fish pole as a mount.

Here are some pictures of the antenna set up:








This is Mr Frankie and myself setting the thing up:








This is everyone who were there to help out:









This is Mr Frankie’s portable rig setup:





Can you imagine? A Yaesu FT-857D, being powered by a 12 volt lead acid battery, and Mr Frankie is still speaking to people in the Philippines at 100 watts of power? And the thing lasted nearly an hour? It is certainly impressive, that the whole setup there, excluding the cables, can be placed into a medium sized bag. This coming Saturday, some members of SARTS will be organizing a DX event to try to communicate with people all around the world. I will keep you updated of what is happening.

Anyways, thanks for taking your time to read my blog!
Joyce Ng