Approaching youth on Amateur Radio

Hi, I noticed that in Singapore, there are very little youth that are into Amateur Radio (Wait, I seem to be the youngest when I go to the SARTS meeting! :P).  I have been asking myself over, and over again: “How can we bring in other youth into amateur radio?”

I guess, firstly, we must try to understand what other youth think about radio technology. If you have read some of the previous articles I have written, you would have realized that in some of my articles I put statements about what other people, especially youth, tell me in regards to what they think about radio.

I think we should make people understand that radio technology is not outdated, but is actually growing. We should show the relevant real life examples to how and where radio is used, so that to get people to think about how and why things work, and maybe spark the interest of some people.

Secondly, I believe that if we decide to learn anything, we should learn something that can be applied. As you all know, to become a radio amateur, you need to pass an electronics exam. But yet, some people just buy off the shelf rigs and use them, with little to no application of whatever theory they have learned. The question that I would like to ask is, how do we give a little more emphasis to building things? When we were young, most of us would ask, why does a television set work? Why does a radio work? I still ask these type of questions, and it is in my nature to tear things apart to try and find out how things work. As I mentioned in my first point, we must interest people in the way that makes them want to find out how and why things work. Then we can build devices to allow people to apply whatever the have learned.

And finally, we shouldn’t just ask and tell people to get into the hobby. Rather, show people a practical device. And then ask people why do they think the device is able to work. I believe that when it comes to technical subjects like radio, when you can make people question why things work, to the point that they are much willing to find the answers for themselves, you have already won the battle. I believe the internal motivation and interest is the best way to get anyone into any subject.

What do you think? Please feel free to write your comments. Anyway, thanks for taking your time to read my blog!

Joyce Ng,