My thoughts on engineering

Hi, my apologies for not posting something for quite a while. Well, I am not going to write about radio for this post, however, I’d like to share with you my thoughts on engineering.

So, what does engineering mean to you? To me, engineering is a form of art. Why? You ask, why do I think so?

Engineers can take individual parts and components, each with their own separate function, combine the parts together to create a useable, working system. To me, the idea that understanding how the different parts work, to make a system of individual components that work together in unison, to serve a practical purpose, intrigues me, even to this day.

Before we even build anything, be it electrical or mechanical, how do we know how to go about building it? We follow or draw a mechanical or electrical drawing and build a device based on those drawings. We then gather all of the required parts together, combine them according to the drawings and make it work!

If you think about it, isn’t the electrical or mechanical drawing a form of art? Look, an engineer can draw out his/her system as a drawing, and other engineers can understand what the device in question does! Isn’t it an expression of the thoughts and the ideas of the engineer who designed the device?

In art, math plays a part in determining how the final picture would look like. Circles, squares, parabolas, sinusoids can be expressed and described using mathematical equations. In radio, one thing that makes me wonder is that how does changing the shape, adding another antenna element, or even varying the height change the characteristics of the antenna? What about its shape changes that? That is something I would want to find out when I make the time to do so.

So, I question, don’t you
think engineering is a form of art? Can’t we look at engineering from
that perspective, instead of viewing engineering as a technical field of
work? Opinions?Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

Joyce Ng (9V1AN)

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