9V1RS – Singapore local VHF repeater finally up

Hi there! Our local repeater has been down for a pretty long time now. Yesterday, I was at Mr Jeff’s lab to help with testing the local repeater.

The repeater will be relocated to its permanent location soon. In the mean time, it would be located at his office. For now, here is a picture of the antenna that would be used at the repeater’s permanent location.










When Mr Jeff received the antenna. He must have had a huge shock. Why? Because this happened:





It has been bent back into shape,
but its still dented a lil’ bit.





Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my article!

Joyce (9V1AN)

SARTS Presentation: What I have done in amateur radio since I obtained my license

On the 27th of November, 2014, I gave a presentation at the Singapore Amateur Radio Transmitting Society titled: “What I have done in amateur radio since I obtained my license”

Here is the video for those who are interested:
I apologize as the camera work wasn’t good.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read! 🙂

Joyce (9V1AN)

Got a new HF rig!

Hey there! I apologize for not posting for so long, I was busy for the past few months so I haven’t be able to post as much as I would like to.

And, after a few months, I finally got myself my own HF radio transceiver, from a person named Mr
James Brooks, 9V1YC. He sold me a Kenwood TS-930 for S$550. Thanks a lot, Mr James! =)

This radio, as what Mr James says, “was (and still is) considered one of the best receivers ever
designed.” I guess, when I do use it, I will find out for myself if that is true or not. 😛

According to the technical specifications, this radio has a output power of 250W max for SSB and 80W max for AM modes.

Here is the radio on my desk:








Now, I just need a proper antenna before I can send or receive anything. I guess, I will try to settle that in a week or two.

By the way, I’d like to thank a friend, Dylan for helping me take the radio back home. I wasn’t able to carry the 18.5KG mass that this radio had. >.<

Thanks Dylan! Wow… I didn’t expect to be up with a rig that fast. Thanks a lot to Mr James, Dylan, and also Mr Jeff, for sending out the offer to everyone! =)

Now, I have something more to talk about for next month’s presentation! I am feeling nervous though! 😛

I guess, when I do finally get the antenna system up, I would write an article! ^.^

Anyway, thanks for reading!
Joyce (9V1AN)