A new year, a new beginning

Hi there! I haven’t written anything since last year, so that being said, Happy New Year! =)

Its almost a year since I got involved in the hobby of amateur radio. So, what are my plans for this year?

Firstly, I’ll continue to do all sorts of experiments like what I have been doing, and of course, you’ll get to see them here! =)

Secondly, I’ll be giving presentations at SARTS, and hopefully, at schools like my secondary school so that I can introduce youth to the hobby of amateur radio. I’ll be doing a few technical presentations this year. Hope that I can impart some of my knowledge to everyone!

Thirdly, I’ll be organizing or helping out with events such as field day in Singapore and maybe set-up temporary radio stations at schools for students and the general public?

This year will definitely be packed with various events. Hope to be able to learn more things about radio this year!

Thanks for reading!

Joyce Ng (9V1AN)

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