Amateur Radio at the Singapore Maker Faire 2015

Hi there! This year, a group of members from SARTS, including myself, took part in the Singapore Maker Faire and set up a booth there. We set up 2 booths, one being an EchoLink booth, and the other, being an outdoor HF station.

What made this event special was that this year’s Singapore Maker Faire is now a full scale Maker Faire event, and also, some of my classmates and I did this as part of a school project. I certainly do hope that they learned something of value from this event. I would like to say, many, many, many thanks to them for helping out with manning the booth.

Here are some photos taken from the event:

Our booth:








Engaging visitors:









My classmates and friend engaging visitors:









Visitors participating:

I met this visitor in the picture above 2 years ago, when we were participating in a 24 hour programming competition. It was nice to see him again, and it certainly was nice that he could still recognize me after 2 years.







This visitor, Mr Lim Khuan is a licensed operator, who came to visit our booth. Thanks for coming! Oh and don’t worry! I am still trying to fix your radio! =P

Setting up:






Testing the antenna with a radio:









Well, it has been fun, and we’ll certainly do it again next year, if we can.

Thanks for reading!

Joyce (9V1AN)

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