License Renewed – A year in review

So, it has been more than a year since I have become an amateur radio operator! Looking back, it certainly has been a year of learning, experimentation and fun, of course!

So far, I have:

  • Helped organize 3 QSO nights (articles coming soon!)
  • Played around with different antennas like a TV yagis
  • Helped with some aspects of setting up the VHF repeater (Ex: Antenna tuning)
  • Talked about amateur radio in a school and at the Singapore Maker Faire

There are some of the things I have done. It certainly has been interesting and fun doing all these. As you know, amateur radio is a hobby about experimentation and learning, so what do I plan to do in the next few months?

One thing I plan to do is to really, learn more about RF electronics! I’d like to improve my knowledge on RF electronics so that I can understand more on how radio communication and their electronics work, especially since I would be looking at building a SSB transceiver from scratch, but I would be looking at power amplifiers first.

This year, I would also be looking at antenna designs and how they work, and specifically, try to turn my TV Yagi into a dual-band antenna (Not gonna be that simple, haha =P).

Finally, I might also fool around with moon-bounce communications. Of course, I am not going to do it alone. A few months back, I met a person named Roland Turner at the SARTS meeting, and he expresses interest in moon-bounce communications, especially with lower power levels (<25 watts). If I could, I’d like to work with him on the subject. Oh! Check out his Facebook page on his moon-bounce experiments here!

That’s all from me for now,  here’s to a fun and fruitful year of learning and experimentation ahead!

Joyce (9V1AN)