Lucky Find! A Kenwood TS-670 Quad Band Transceiver

Hi there! If you reside in Singapore, you would be aware that at Sungei Road, lies a flea market, also known as the “Thieves Market”. Here’s how it looks like:

Taken from Wikipedia article: “Sungei Road”

Well I like to drop by there time to time. Who knows? One might find something quite interesting over there. That was the case for me when I made an interesting find over a month ago.

Being someone who is fascinated by electronics and radio, I would lookout for devices such as valve amplifiers and such. At the time, I was in need of a cheap microwave oven, so that I could re-use the high voltage transformer for a valve amplifier project. I scoured around, looking for one, but I didn’t find one (at least not for cheap! =P). Disappointed, I left the area. But as I did, my eyes lit up! Something interesting caught my attention! What could it be? This:








A Kenwood TS-670 Quad Bander! I knew I just had to grab it, and so I did (Impulse buying… That’s why I am broke! XD). The unit is in a very good shape when I got it. For something that could have been lying around in the flea market for at least a few days, it was relatively clean, scratch free and dust free, even inside!

Taking it to Blazer (Radio store), Mr Phua let me use his power supply, and we did the smoke test. It worked! I took it back home and verified that it could receive and transmit. I noticed though, that the dial is a little on the fritz now. I can get the frequency to go up, but when I spin the dial the opposite direction, the frequency still increments! Well, it is a small problem, and I’ll fix it when I have the time.

What surprised me is that the seller provided me with the instruction manual (albeit in Japanese), schematic diagrams and an external SWR/power meter to go along with it. All for $80 SGD. I will probably take it out on field day or one of our QSO nights.

Thanks for reading!

Joyce (9V1AN)

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