Finally, attempted PSK31 operations! Also, new rig and some stuff!

Hey there! Have not posted for a long time!  (Omigosh! This is like the first post of the year!) This post isn’t going to be long, though =P

First, I got myself a new rig to replace my Kenwood TS-930S. I got myself this:








Nice radio eh? This radio originally belonged to another operator. I repaired it for him as the radio was found to not be able to receive anything, including the strongest of signals. I repaired it, and sent it back to him. He then found that it works, but he wanted to settle for a radio that was “simpler and easier” to use, and that he wanted to sell it. So I bought it from him (cheap; like $700 SGD) and now it is mine! =P

The receive quality is really very good on this unit. You can be suffering QRM/QRN, and you can easily improve the situation by adjusting the DSP and audio side filters, and you can least copy the other station. Anyway, having such a fine radio, I decided I’d do what I wanted to do, but was lazy to do; PSK31 operations!

I managed to make a few contacts; here’s one from Thailand:







And another one from Slovenia:







So that’s basically some of my PSK31 activities. It is sometimes fascinating, that one can encode digital signals into a tone, and transmit digital transmissions all around the world! It’s in a way, like an old version of the internet! (Remember dial-up connections and all? =P)

Before I go, if you have a Facebook account, and reside in Singapore, you might want to check out this new Facebook group, Ham Radio SG! They focus on amateur radio operations in Singapore. Click here to check it out!

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog!