About Me

Hey there! ^^ Thanks for hopping over to my website! As the name of the web site implies, my name is Joyce and I am a licensed amateur radio operator with the callsigns 9V1AN (SG) and AI6LA (US). I studied electrical and electronics engineering and my primary interests are in the fields of radio communications and signal processing.

I am also the founder of a start-up known as Hyan Technologies, which is geared towards making radio communications and test and measurement equipment for radio amateurs and experimenters.

Of course, other than electronics, I do have other interests, such as aviation. The fact that people are able to design machines that are able to fly and carry people to places all around the world is a fascinating thing, and although I admittedly am a nervous flyer, I do wish to master the principles of flight and I hope to become private pilot soon.

Also, some people might know that I am a transwoman as well. *gasp* “You’re a whaaaa~”
Yes, I am a transwoman. I don’t deny it, and I am quite open about it. It might feel strange, or even weird to people. I am really just like anyone else, a person. My being trans doesn’t affect who I am as a person. I am just myself, a person who is doing her best in life and trying to learn more about the world around her.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by! =D